Fierté Canada Pride Membership

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Join our growing community of Canadian Pride organizations from coast to coast to coast by becoming a member of Fierté Canada Pride.

When your Pride organization becomes a member of FCP, it will gain access to several member-exclusive benefits and resources geared towards strengthening your organization and creating useful connections with other Prides in your region. With an FCP Membership, your Pride organization will also receive a complimentary joint-membership with InterPride, the international association of Prides.

Ready to get your membership?

We’re working on a brand new membership portal, but in the meantime, continue to our online membership application.

What comes with a membership?

Our non-profit organization continues to develop new services and offerings for our members while improving on our existing ones. Through the collaboration of our members, both big and small, we’re able to provide everyone with the resources and tools they need to grow and become successful.

AGM & Conference

Attend our annual meeting and conference which offers professional development workshops, an opportunity to learn from and share with other member Prides, and network.

Scholarship Program

Be eligible to apply for scholarship to help reduce the cost of attending the AGM and conference.

Resource Library

Gain access to resources provided by Prides from across Canada. Download sample documents, templates, and guides to help simplify and expedite your Pride’s development.


Learn from the best and help make your Pride better with mentorship and communication between other Pride members.

Group Benefits

Take advantage of exclusive group rates on various products and services when we buy as a group.

Promote your Events

Have your festival and year-round events promoted through our site and communications.

Media Announcements

Have your press releases promoted to other members. We’ll even push promotions to Facebook and Twitter.

Membership Survey

Help us collect vital data and statistics about your Pride. Your contributions help us paint a better picture of the status of Pride in Canada.

InterPride Included

Your FCP Membership includes a joint-membership with InterPride – the international organization that ties Pride together globally.

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