Webinar: Exploring the Meaning of Your Festival Experience Before Going Online

The essence of a festival is the experience offered. As COVID-19 makes it impossible to celebrate in person together, many festival organizers are considering alternative ways of providing their communities with a shared experience. This 60-minute workshop will explore important consideration before delivering festival events online. Through presentation and discussion, you will be asked to reflect on which elements of your festival translate to a virtual context considering concepts like co-creation, sense of community and sense of place. After the session, you will have a clear idea of if and how you want to proceed with online programming during the pandemic.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Christine Van Winkle


Dr. Christine Van Winkle is a Professor at the University of Manitoba and is committed to community-based research examining visitor experiences at events and attractions. As a former festival coordinator and attraction consultant, Dr. Van Winkle brings 20 years of both practical experience and theory-based research to inform practice. Dr. Van Winkle’s work explores festival experiences, information and communication technology at events, and festival emergency management. Her work has been published widely and appears in a range of tourism, leisure and event journals, books, conference proceedings, and reports.
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