Webinar: Pride Online – Producing A Virtual Show

As Pride Festivals across Canada explore the idea of taking their pride online, event producers have quickly realized that a new approach and set of skills are required to produce compelling online shows. This webinar features two Canadian event producers discussing some of the successes and challenges of taking their performances online. This discussion will provide a broad overview of many different considerations when producing an online event including some of the questions below.

Download the “Tech Training” slides used for “Sociable Distancing” provided by Jess Smith. This resource briefly address issues such as: audio, camera, lighting, engaging content, social distancing, chat, background, distractions, behaviour, log-in times and more.

Discussion Questions Covered in the Video

What has been your experience with online shows?

Are all of your events being produced from home or what kind of venues are you using for your productions?
What platforms and equipment are you using to produce your shows?

Who is on your online production team and what role do they play?

How do you deal with Copyright Laws in relation to drag performances?
How do you integrate ASL and Closed Captioning into your shows?

What are some of your expenses?
How do you generate revenue to pay or tip your performers?

What is your biggest challenge as a producer of an online show?
What are some of the most surprising differences between live performances and producing an online event?

What is the future for online performances?
What kind of training is available for performers wanting to develop technical skills?

About the Speakers

Jess Smith

Jess Smith is a non-binary person (identifying as genderqueer), they work as a legal coordinator in the corporate office of a large media company. They also use their talents for graphic design and photography in compliment with their training in social media platforms to assist small businesses, nonprofits, and entertainers as a social media manager to help present their clients’ best selves online. In 2018, they began doing drag as Pat McCox, whose charming personality and slick style has won the titles of Mr. Fall Fest and Mx. Queer Halifax. Jess is also Vice Chair of Halifax Pride, lead for the Trans & Non-Binary Committee with Halifax Pride, and sits on the board of Fierté Canada Pride as a Atlantic Regional Director. You can find them on social media platforms as @JessHFX.


Karla Marx

Karla Marx, the First Comrade of Your Heart, puts the Mao in LMAO! She’s no decadent capitalist queen – she’s a Glamour Comrade: a hard core Socialist revolutionary … of love. With a sharp tongue and even sharper nails, she will always leave you wanting more, more, MOAR. Karla started on stage hosting burlesque and drag shows, performing with Fake Mustache, GLOC (Glamorous Legends of Calgary), Grinhaüs Collective, BassBus, Shock Therapy Drag, Commercial Drag and Man Up in Vancouver, as well as stages all across western Canada.

Her view of the art of drag is shaped by a few key principles. First, all drag is valid – every person should be welcomed in the drag community regardless of gender, sexuality, or race. Second, after every show she does she wants the audience to wonder “What the F*ck did I just see and did she really just do that?”

Karla is a drag queen, MC, artistic director of photography and fashion, and a working transfemme model. She is proud to be a member of the Cabaret Calgary Board and serve as an artistic director of GoGo Battles.

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