We are so excited that Mokinan Consulting is working with us to be developing both some internal and external resources and training for FCP and our members to be learning more about decolonization and challenging colonial attitudes within our organization.

We’ll keep you updated on any training or resources as they’re completed, but we first want to invite our members to complete this survey, hosted by Mokinan Consulting (meaning we won’t see the answers!), for you to share your thoughts. We’re hoping that people complete the survey by August 27th 2021. Here is a message from Gabe, from Mokinan Consulting:

“Kwey kakina! Hello everyone! My name is Gabe Calderon from Mokinan Consulting. We have been contracted on behalf of Fierte Canada Pride to create some tools, training and ressources around decolonization. In order to make sure we deliver the most informed tools and training possible, we wanted to ask some feedback from member organizations and Prides. Participation is voluntary. Chi miigwech. Thanks so much!”

You can fill out the survey by clicking the link below!

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