What is FCP Futures?

FCP Futures is a seven month project, from August to March 2022, meant to collaboratively build the foundation for the organization’s next iteration. At its core, FCP Futures will provide Council Members and our Member Prides with the opportunity to meaningfully consult and work on our strategic plan, policies, and a new membership structure that will more accurately represent the people we intend to serve.

This project will include three main components:

  • Member Surveys: Online surveys held via SurveyMonkey where Council Members and Member Prides can provide feedback regarding their specific needs or their specific interests of how FCP can serve them.
  • Member Roundtables: Sessions held via Zoom where Council Members and Member Prides will be invited to discuss, develop and finalize our strategic plan, our individual membership structure, and review existing policies
  • Member Interviews: One-on-one sessions held via Zoom, for those Council Members and Member Prides who request them, where they can have low-pressure discussions with FCP Team Members about the Roundtable topics without having to engage in a group conversation
What will come out of FCP Futures?

We’re hopeful that FCP Futures will lead us to two main deliverables associated with our most recent capacity-building funding received from Women & Gender Equality Canada WAGE from 2019  2022 a comprehensive strategic plan and an individual membership structure.

In March 2020, some FCP Council Members & Member Prides called for the organization to develop an individual membership structure which would allow Council Members the ability to fully participate in FCP. While a proposed structure was proposed in late 2020, following a series of Member Townhalls, Member Prides expressed concern about a lack of engagement with Members on this topic. FCP Futures is meant to address this concern.

How to participate in FCP Futures?

On August 28th or September 4th 2021, we invite Council Members & Member Prides to attend an “About FCP Futures” presentation taking place via Zoom. This session will allow you to understand exactly what this project entails, and will provide you with a great opportunity to ask questions.

Member Roundtables

Over the next seven months, we’ll be hosting six Member Roundtable sessions focusing on key topics. Half of these roundtables will be devoted to exploring Individual Memberships, while the other half will be devoted to topics related to our strategic plan. Survey and interview data from Members who participated prior to the Roundtables beginning will be provided to those present at these Roundtables to ensure inclusion into the national conversation.

Member Surveys

Over the month of September 2021, both Council Members & Members will be invited to complete a survey focused on two main topics: a) how they understand the role (or possible role) of FCP within both the Pride movement and the 2SLGBTQ rights movement, and b) what Individual Membership could look like within FCP.

We encourage every Member to complete this survey to allow us to develop a wider understanding of how FCP can better serve our Members. While these surveys are not meant to take the place of the Member Roundtables for anybody who wants to participate in FCP Futures, it is a more simpler and less time consuming option for those unable to attend each Roundtable.

Rediscovering Who We Are            

2021/09/25 – 10am PT

Where We’re Going & How We’ll Get There

2021/11/20  10am PT

Putting It All Together

2022/01/08  10am PT

Part 1   

2021/10/16  –  10am PT

Part 2   

2021/11/06  –  10am PT

Part 3    

2021/12/04  –  10am PT

FCP Futures Roundtable: Rediscovering Who We Are (2 hours)

FCP’s mission and mandate has remained almost unchanged since our founding in 2005. As the Pride movement has shifted and continues to evolve thanks to calls from Indigenous people, Black people, People of Colour, trans people, sex workers, and so many other communities, it is also time for FCP to rediscover who we are as an organization and how we can more effectively serve these communities.

Roundtable Goal: A new Vision, Mission and Mandate and to establish Values

FCP Futures Roundtable: Where We’re Going and How We’ll Get There (2 hours)

In 2020, strategic planners Ramji & Associates worked with the FCP team and Members to establish four key strategic priorities for the organization through interviews, surveys and discussions at our annual conference. While these strategic priorities provide us clear directions of where to go, they don’t offer us clear ideas of how to get there.

These strategic priorities are:

  1. Developing Council-Centred Strategy
  2. Developing Member Resources
  3. Ensuring Fiduciary Responsibility & Financial Sustainability
  4. Becoming an Effective National Advocate

Roundtable Goal: Validate strategic priorities, establish tactics for each

FCP Futures Roundtable: Putting It All Together (2 hours)

In the final roundtable, Council Members and Member Prides will review, discuss and finalize a draft strategic plan and individual membership structure (i.e. bylaw changes) prepared by the FCP team from the outcomes and results of the previous roundtables.

Roundtable Goal: Review draft strategic plan and bylaw changes, including individual membership structure, and provide recommendation for 2022 AGM

FCP Futures Roundtable: Individual Memberships (Part 1)

Using the existing Individual Membership Structure proposed by the FCP team, this roundtable will include identifying strengths, gaps, and solutions for the proposal. Following this exercise, the focus will be on identifying eligibility criteria for Individual Memberships.

Roundtable Goal: Identify eligibility criteria for Individual Memberships

FCP Futures Roundtable: Individual Memberships (Part 2)

This roundtable will focus on identifying how individual members will be able to engage fully with FCP, including voting at our AGM and SGM, without causing Member Prides to become obsolete within the association.

Roundtable Goal: Identify engagement expectations and voting rights for Individual Members

FCP Futures Roundtable: Individual Memberships (Part 3)

Following the first two roundtables, the FCP team will re-write proposed bylaw changes for the organization that will capture the work established in the previous

sessions. This session will focus on reviewing these proposed bylaw changes, finalizing them, and providing a formal recommendation for membership to adopt at the 2022 SGM.

Roundtable Goal: Finalize bylaw changes for 2022 SGM

Member Interviews

We know that participating in a large conversation with multiple organizations or individuals can be overwhelming and involve a lot of pressure for those who are less comfortable in such settings. For that reason, the FCP team is hosting Member interviews throughout the entire length of the project for those individuals who request a one-on-one interview about the Roundtable topics.

What’s Next?

In late January 2022, during a scheduled SGM, we will present our individual member structure for adoption following the recommendation from the Member Roundtables over the past several months. Having this scheduled SGM will allow for Individual Members to be able to participate fully in the February 2022 AGM scheduled during our annual conference.

At the end of the seven months in February 2022 during our AGM, the strategic plan will be presented to our larger membership.

To learn more about this project, take a look at the full project document at the link below.

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