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Decolonization for Regional Pride Organizations focuses on regional relationship building with Indigenous nations. We will understand basic protocol with teachings on plant medicines, engaging with elders and knowledge keepers and how to empower Indigenous peoples in your region. With a focus on the refusal of state-led reconciliation, we will examine what land back and sovereignty means and how we can engage in this process, Indigenous, stolen Indigenous and settler alike. 

Please ensure to read the attached document: Autonomously and with Conviction: A Metis Refusal of State-Led Reconciliation BEFORE you attend the workshop as we will be discussing this document at great length. (This document is attached to this e-mail)

Please have snacks, beverages and some tools for fidgeting or for coping with difficult information. There is triggering material in the presentation, please ensure to have a support system in place for you. Feel free to take part in the workshop camera on or off, in whatever position feels most comfortable for you. We will take a break halfway through the workshop. Please feel free to participate as little or as much as you feel comfortable. 

Topic: Decolonization for Regional Pride Organizations
Time: Oct 3, 2021  9am PDT.   10am MDT.  12pm EDT



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